Playstation 5 Controller Plates

Playstation 5 Charging Station

Custom Faceplate and Thumb Grips for PlayStation® 5 DualSense® Controllers.

Make a statement and customise your DS5 Controller!

     • Includes custom faceplate –direct 1:1 replacement for your DS5.

     • 4 colours available with contrasting Thumb Grips to enhance the final look.

      • Includes fitting instructions and tool. Easy to fit!

     • Does not void your warranty.

Dual Charge Dock for PlayStation® 5 DualSense® Controllers.

Supports Fast Charging*

• Includes twin USB C Adaptors for drop in and charge functionality, also protecting your controllers from scratches.

• Compact design compliments the controllers and console.

• Rubberised anti slip feet.

• Includes Dock Charge Cable (USB A USB C)

*Requires USB AC Adaptor or device with 5v 2A output minimum not included.